Doing things
the My Legal Valet way.

My Legal Valet is designed to provide our members with a simple, yet effective way of managing all aspects of their investment properties or business.

Getting Started is Easy

What happens when an issue arises?

Step 1Contact your Agent

Reach out to your agent by phone or email.

Step 2Provide all Information

Provide your agent with all information and any further documentation about the issue at hand.

Step 3Agent Review

Your agent will review everything within 24 hours.

Step 4Resolution Plan

Your agent will provide you with a resolution plan designed to resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Step 5Get Resolution

Work closely with your agent or a My Legal Valet team member to get resolution. This may involve a demand letter, follow up, mediation, and further action if necessary. We will work with you until your matter is fully resolved or legal action needs to begin.

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