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My Legal Valet offers services for individuals, and businesses for an affordable monthly fee. We are committed to providing our members with access to attorneys if legal issues arise with their investment property or business.

We do not charge a fee for our referrals. We simply want to connect our members with a competent attorney if needed.

How Attorney Connect Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

There is no cost or referral fee. We simply want to provide our members with an Attorney to provide them with legal assistance when necessary.

How do I get these referrals?

Our team will determine if our member has an issue that needs legal assistance. If they do, and you are an Attorney located close to our member providing services in that specific area, we will contact you directly.  We will provide you with information about the matter and forward you any documentation that we have.

What are the requirements to join the Attorney Connect?

We ask that all attorneys have current malpractice insurance and no disciplinary actions against them.

When you apply, we ask for your standard rates and whether or not you provide free consultations for new matters, so that clients are aware of costs.

Our plans do not specify any discounts, so there is no requirement to provide our members with discounted rates for your services. However, any discounts for My Legal Valet members are appreciated and will be noted for our members.

What happens if there is a conflict?

We ask that all incoming clients are screened for possible conflicts. If a conflict arises, please let us know so that the matter can be referred to someone else.

How do I go ahead and represent a client?

After My Legal Valet refers the client to you, the attorney-client relationship is formed on your terms.

Once the client is referred to you, we do not take part in anything further, and you should retain the client as per usual following all requirements are needed for the situation.

Do I get judged on my work?

We do ask our members for feedback on all My Legal Valet services, including their experience with an attorney that we have referred them to.  We simply want to make both our business and your practice stronger and welcome constructive feedback from our members.

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